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Apr 11, 2007

I need some help!

Did you have have one of those moments when you thought you might have a brilliant idea but when you went to execute it, it didn't translate onto paper very well???? Well, I had such a moment today. I've been rolling around this idea of a window box for a while but try as I might today I could not make this look like it did in my head.

Alas, since I spent a bit of time on it (and I am now out of time) I decided to post it here anyway and ask for your help. I know it needs something (and probably more than 1 somethings) but what, and where???

This card is using my new favorite set Green Thumb from Papertrey Ink. I used the longest stem to make the window lines and the line on the flower box and I used one of the polka dots to make the dots on the curtains. There was quite a bit of masking involved here so I don't see myself mass producing this card! :) The color palette was inspired by the packaging on the stamp set. The box comes wrapped in a cute olive green belly band with a pink circle in the middle. The colors are so pretty and fresh I thought they'd be great for a card!

Ok, so tell me what does it need?? or should I just trash it and the idea?

Cardstock: Pink Passion, Pixie Pink, WW, Old Olive
Stamps: Green Thumb (Papertrey Ink)
Inks: Pink Passion, Pixie Pink, Certainly Celery, Yoyo Yellow, Going Gray, White
Accessories: Slit punch, tag corner punch


  1. I think it looks awesome the way it is....great idea!

    At first I was thinking that you may want to extend the "curtains" down on both sides, but then it would cover up some of the pretty flowers.

  2. Hey Julie - Love the card as it is...I would just add a sentiment to the bottom, over to one of the sides.

    Funny, I created almost the exact same look with the same stamp set last night, only mine was a tiny window on the center of the card vs. the entire card being the window. Love the curtains!

  3. I also think that it is just perfect. You've done a great job with the idea and the stamp set. I wouldn't change a thing! Have a great day!

  4. Please don't trash it. It looks great and the colors are perfect.

  5. trash it? NOOOOOOO! lol what about putting some pop dots under the ruffles of the awning to make it have a 3D effect to make it pop? just a thought altho I do love it the way it is.

  6. I think what it is missing is dimension - you need to raise the box, raise some of the flowers.

  7. OHMYGOSH!! Please don't trash it, it's beautiful!! I agree that some dimension for the flowers might help, and I also thought of having some curains hang down on the sides to frame it all in a little might help as well..

    You're really making me want this set as well now!! Guess I'll wait and order it with the new set she's introducing on my bday. Then I can say they are a bday present to myself! :-)


  8. I think the card looks wonderful. You might want to try a sentiment and maybe add a few popped flowers for dimension.

  9. I think your card is GORGEOUS! Definitely do not trash it! I wouldn't add anything unless you want a sentiment or maybe "glare" marks on the window if that makes sense. . . so you can really tell it's a window. But I, myself, would be afraid to add anything and destroy the masterpiece that it already is! :)


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