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Apr 17, 2015

NEW - Help us Bring Lila Home!!

XPosted from our Adoption blog -

Happy Friday!! As I mentioned in my last post, we are working hard to raise the final amount we need for Lila's adoption!!  We have always had what we needed at each critical step along the way and we are praying that we will be fully funded in the next 6 weeks so that we will not need to delay travel!  We get on that plane TODAY if we could!  :)

So, here's our latest and greatest fundraising effort!  

Beautiful, 24 oz. Nalgene water bottles, made right here in the USA!! Each bottle is BPA free, will fit in most cupholders and is the perfect size for travel!  These bottles are perfect to share your heart for orphans,and  your support for our adoption!!  EVERYONE needs a new water bottle for Summer - think about your children going off to camp - they need a water bottle! Summer trips - need a water bottle!  Summer sports, bicycling, running, trips to the beach, trips to the park - need a water bottle!  Flying to China, or Africa, or South America, or Eastern Europe to bring home your new child through adoption - NEED a water bottle!  We'd be so thrilled, honored and grateful if you'd chose ours!!

Here is what the whole graphic looks like.

The top of the bottle looks like this.

If you would like to order one (or several) bottles, please just send me an email (jjmasse @ sacoriver . net).  The shipping one each bottle will mostly like be around $4 and for multiples I will simply charge you the actual shipping cost (it weighs about 4 oz.).

PLEASE feel free to share this post (or our FB post) with your friends and family!! The more orders we receive, the closer we are to bringing Lila home FOREVER!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Mar 19, 2015

Book Review: Bringing Lucy Home

Good morning!  I'm back with one more book review - this one more specific to adoption!  The author of Bringing Lucy Home, Jennifer Phillips brought home her daughter Lucy from China last year using the same adoption agency that we are using!  Here's my review:

Bringing Lucy Home tells of an adoptive family's unexpected separation and how God used these events in their lives to write a moving story of love, family, trust and healing. Since my family is currently in the adoption process I can somewhat relate to the events that led up to this family's heart-wrenching separation, but I could never imagine the difficult and emotional journey they ended up taking!
Due to circumstances no one could have foretold, Ms. Phillips and her newly adopted daughter Lucy were separated from her husband and 3 other children in Australia as she waited in American for Lucy's visa. You can feel the heartache and longing of this family as they wait week after week for THE news that will allow them to be together again. I love the honesty and openness as the author recounts each turn of events, each glimmer of hope, each devastating "no" given. At the heart of it all is a beautiful picture of God's relentless love for His children!! It was very moving to read how the author recognizes the hand of God working in their difficult situation to bring comfort, love, and even change into their hearts and lives. No one would wish to go through a hardship like this, but to see how God works all things for His glory and their good is an amazing and encouraging thing!!
Ms. Phillips has a wonderfully engaging sense of humor and writing style which makes reading this book especially delightful! You really will laugh, cry and be fully engaged with this charming book! I wholeheartedly recommend this book!
Today is the one year anniversary of the day we received our approval from LifeLine to proceed with our adoption!! God has done so many wonderful things in that one year and we are looking forward to holding our daughter soon!! :)

Mar 17, 2015

The Pharoah's Daughter RELEASE DAY!

It's been a long time my friends!! But I'm back today with a book review from one of my very favorite authors, Mesu Andrews.  TODAY is the day that you can finally purchase The Pharoah's Daughter and I strongly urge you to . . . read why:

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Mesu Andrews!! She has a gift for taking a story and making it come alive with rich details, exciting twists and turns and beautiful, interesting characters! And the Pharaoh's Daughter may just be my new favorite book from Ms. Andrews (although I truly love them all!).
The story follows the Biblical account of Moses, from a bit before his birth through his young adulthood. If you thought you knew this story, you are in for a treat! Expertly researched and woven together with marvelous detail, this book takes you on a journey of with Anipee, the pharoah's daughter, as she finds the baby Moses and spends the rest of her life loving, caring for and protecting him. I don't want to give away details from the story, but every single character and twist in this book adds to the beautiful story of God's providence! I loved reading of Jochabed and Miraim and how they were able to be a part of Moses's life once he entered the palace. Imagining how Moses would have grown up and lived as a member of Pharaoh's family is fascinating! One of my favorite thing is that each chapter begins with a small portion of scripture which serves to give you a foreshadowing of what may be ahead. Often I found myself going back to that scripture and being amazed at how it fit perfectly!
I can wholeheartedly recommend this book for anyone who loves Biblical fiction and if you've never tried it this book is THE book you should read first! I was, and truthfully still am, captivated by this story! It's one of those books you will want to read without stopping!! Mesu Andrews has outdone herself on this one - a true MUST read!!
I was given an advance copy in exchange for my honest review. Thank you.

Nov 25, 2014

TCP Release Day Blog Hop!

Hello!  It's finally time for you to SHOP!!  The Cat's Pajamas just released 7 new stamp sets, 4 new CutUps dies and 2 new Cutables file!  You've been seeing the Sneaky Peeks all week so I know you have a list all made up!  Take one more look at some of the fun new products by joining us on our tradition After Release Blog Hop!  Be sure to start at the very beginning - Nancy's blog!  You should have arrived here from Christine's blog then.

So today is always TCP Tuesday and it's a Color Challenge - check out the graphic! The challenge runs for two weeks and The Cat's Pajamas stamps are not required. You can win up to $15 in Cat Cash.  All the details will be listed on the TCP Blog.

I used one of my favorite sets for this release - Official Grinch!  I have to say that like a lot of us that have been TCP fans for a while it was Sprinkle and Poochie that were my first loves! Now, there are so many wonderful characters to love but I always get warm fuzzies when I see this pair! :)

Sprinkle just cracks me up here - you can just about see her eyes rolling back and hear the tone of her meow can't you?!  I love it!  Don't you love her fun "ugly sweater"?  It's such a fun way to use paper piecing!

I even decorated the inside of this one because I wanted to show you the new PopUp Pivot CutUps die and I wanted to add Poochie! :)  He gets his very own "ugly sweater" too!

It's time to hop on over to one of the Swanky Stampers who joined us for this release - Joyce Casaldi!  Be sure to visit The Cat's Pajamas once you're done with the hop - the new products are loaded and ready to go!!  Happy Shopping!

Nov 24, 2014

Sneaky Peek Week Day 7 - Reindeer Kisses!

Good morning!! It's day 7 of Sneaky Peek Week at The Cat's Pajamas!! It's almost time to place your orders - what are your favorites?  I don't know how in the world you could even pick!! 

Today's set is Reindeer Kisses featuring our sweet little penguin and his new friend!! Oh this is just too adorable!  I started out making a simple card and it grew from there.  From the front it almost looks like a normal card, but when you look again you can see that there's a little flap!  Open it up and . . . 

SUPRISE!!  You'll find the main characters of the set with one of the beautiful new Double Snowflake CutUps dies behind them!

How did this happen?  Well, I used the new Basic PopUp CutUps die - it is amazing!! Check out Alma's video where she shows you exactly all the neat things this die can do!  Made this card a snap!

Here are some details you need to know:

1. All the new stamps and dies will be released on Tuesday, November 30.

2. If you're IN IT TO WIN IT, visit the TCP Forum at Splitcoaststampers to comment and chat on the IN IT TO WIN IT thread every day for an opportunity to score some new TCP goodies.

3. TONIGHT is the Pajama Party (Monday, November 24) from 8-10pm EST - Be there for fun, chatting, games and prizes!

Here are the products I used today:

Nov 19, 2014

Sneaky Peek Day 2 - Home For All Seasons

Welcome to Day 2 of Sneaky Peek Week at The Cat's Pajamas!  You are in for a special treat my friends!  We have 7 new stamps sets, 4 new CutUps dies and 2 new Cutables!  Did you see yesterday's peek'd set?  I am so excited to see Sprinkle and Poochie back! ;)

Ok, today's set is Home For All Seasons and the matching CutUps dies available are called Village.  This set isn't just for Christmas (as it's name suggests) but can be used all year long and in so many ways.

I made a card today with the sentiment, "The Best Journey Takes You Home".  Many of you know that my family is in the process of adopting a little girl from China.  We are in the thick of gathering together the all important documents that will make up our dossier {the "packet" that will go to China requesting we be allowed to adopt}. We have not received our referral yet {been matched with our daughter- please pray for us if you think of it!} but once we are I can see myself using this sentiment to make a family photo album to send to her!! The is an amazing journey we are on, and in the end our sweet girl will be Home with her loving forever family - it makes my heart swell to think of it!  I think Alma wrote this sentiment for me! ;)

The Village CutUps dies makes these houses so fun and easy to use!  I also used several other CutUps, Heart Border, Fancy Flip Frames, and Framed Up 2.

Here are some details you need to know:

1. All the new stamps and dies will be released on Tuesday, November 30.

2. If you're IN IT TO WIN IT, visit the TCP Forum at Splitcoaststampers to comment and chat on the IN IT TO WIN IT thread every day for an opportunity to score some new TCP goodies.

3. Save the date for the Pajama Party on Monday, November 24 from 8-10pm EST.

Here are the other Cat Pack participants today:  Wendy, Nancy, Kelli, Christine, Noelle, Lisa, Jessie.

And here are the new products I used today:

I Currently Design For . . .

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. . . and

The Cat Pajamas

. . . and

. . . and

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