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Aug 3, 2007

Summer, Summer . . .

Did you ever have one of those days when you wanted to stamp, even had time to stamp, but that time came in increments of 4-5 minutes spread out over the whole day??? That was my day. I wanted to make a card that would make me feel cool (it's another hot day here and I'm melting!), but every time I started something one of the children called, or the phone rang, or it was lunchtime, etc., etc. But I did finally finish! ETA: In fact, I couldn't even finish typing this post . . . my son (2 yo) just dumped half a thing of fish food into our tank! Ugh!!! So now I had to spend 20 minutes vacuuming the food and cleaning the tank. Hopefully none of our fish die!

I was trying to "think cool" - not "cool dude" cool, but "aaahhh cool ice cubes" cool. LOL!! What colors do you think of when you think "cool"? I think blues and greens. What about hot colors??? I guess the obvious would be red and orange.

For this card I again used my great Hit the Beach stamp set from My Favorite Things that came in my June box from Paper Pretties. Most of the supplies were included in the June box, but the ribbon and dotted paper came from the Paper Pretties store and were "Suggested Add-ons."

Ok, I'm not going to drag this out any further, it doesn't seem to be my day! :) But I did want to mention that I have some BIG news to share - NO I am not pregnant! LOL!!! It's stamping related and I can't wait to share - soon hopefully!

Thanks for stopping in and all your sweet comments! My life has truly been blessed and enriched since I started this blog - I have so many new friends and all of you are wonderful!!!


  1. The blues and greens are so pretty! I love the scalloping, and patterned papers! Nice coloring, and your ribbon is perfect!

  2. Julie,
    This is the first time I have posted but wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog!I always relate to what you write and I love your cards!!!
    Hope you have a good weekend,Hugs.Elizabeth glass

  3. You tease you...Can't wait to hear the news! Adore the card, that ribbon is fantastic!

  4. I love blues and greens! This is a great card. Love how you used a few of the little pieces from this set.

  5. The color combo is so nice, this is such a fun set, OK, hurry up and share the news.

  6. It is a "cool" card! We've been in the 90's here in Chicago and I can't wait for the Fall to get here. Stay cool!

  7. Very COOL! :-) Great colors on this one!!

    Try to stay cool today, just think about what the weather will be like in 6 months...that should cool you off! :-)


  8. This is a beautiful card... Thanks for sharing!


  9. I may just have to break down and buy this set. This card is that cute!!!

  10. Love your blog. So encouraging to see beautiful cards -- helps give me ideas. :)

  11. Great card, love the colours you chose. Cute stamps too!!

  12. Oh Can't wait to hear your news! I laughed so hard reading this post because that is to totally my life lately. So many stamps to use, paper to cut, and layouts in my head, and NO TIME TO STAMP! How are the fish?

  13. Lindsey (jacksonbelle)August 7, 2007 at 12:47 AM

    This is too cute! Love the layout, paper, scallops...darling!


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