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Jun 25, 2007

Stamping in your Jammies #2

Here is the second card from Friday night's festivities. The challenge was a color challenge - black, white & pink in honor of My Favorite Things.

I think the color in my photo is a bit off but the pink is more of a Rose Red color. The DP is some I received in some blog candy I won a while back (I don't remember the maker). The ribbon is from AC Moore. This is not how I originally envisioned this card but since I only had 1 hour or less to complete the challenge it necessarily took a turn. The card is 4.25 square. I think I like the results, what do you think?

They recently posted all the pictures of the cards from that evening and everyone did such a great job! I'm always amazed at what beautiful things people can create in such a short period of time! As I said before, I am not a fast stamper! :)

Well, we've got a little mystery at our house to solve. My oldest, Emma, has a funky contact dermatitis (skin rash) on her face, arms, neck & collarbone. It's been progressively getting worse since about Wednesday. Today half her face is red and swollen and her eye looks swollen too. We are thinking it is probably something off of the puppy- maybe she got into some poison ivy and transferred it, or poison-something else???? We are desperately hoping it is not the puppy herself, but Emma does not have the other classic allergy symptoms (runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing) so . . . . But what is a mother to do?! We are totally in love with Ruby but Emma's face looks so bad and telling a 5 year old not to touch the puppy is, well you know! :) We did give Ruby a bath and I am washing Emma's bedding and other things so we'll see. Pray that we find the source and that it's not a dog allergy (which would seem strange since we've always had a dog, although a different breed).

Anyway, have a great day everyone - thanks for stopping in!


  1. Very cute, Julie! I love the polka dots!!

  2. Other than the puppy, it could be someting new that you introduced into the house, new type of laundry detergent,etc. Hope you find the source soon. Love the card, I think Pink and black are so great together.

  3. Great card...sounds like you had fun the other night!

    Hope you find the source of the rash soon...I know that can be scary to not know how it got started...and we'll all hope it isn't from adorable little Ruby!!


  4. Cute card!

    I would have thought the rash would have popped up sooner if it were from the pup...maybe it is a food allergy or some summer plant/flower?

  5. Well if the choices are poison ivy or the puppy I'm certainly hoping it's the poison ivy.

    You're in my prayers tonight. I hope it all works out quickly.

  6. OH, I hope she's not allergic to the puppy! That would be sad! Love your card for today!


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