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Mar 21, 2007

Quick Question

Do you think the new background color on my blog interferes with the colors in the projects?? I'm just wondering if it should go back to white or go a shade lighter? Is it hard to tell the card colors? Inquiring minds . . . Thanks for your opinion!


  1. It looks just fine. It is pastel....WHITE sometimes is so stark. DO NOT WORRY.........LOL

  2. Don't you dare change it, it is just gorgeous, I love your banner as well very very pretty and I knew what on earth to do would get somebody to make me one, but as I don't I wont!!!! By the way, guess who has ended up surcumbing to getting some bellas yesterday evening and again this morning!!!! hummmmmmmmmmmm yes its me, okay I give up and hold my hands up to being a very naughty girl, but it did make me feel good, he he he

  3. I like it! Very pretty!! And I love your banner!

  4. now that you've changed it, i didn't realize it was your blog until i saw your picture.

    just picture perfect new blog layout!


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