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Mar 22, 2007

Found this article today (actually I found it through Allison) and I thought it was funny because I was thinking along these exact lines yesterday.

I was getting so frustrated with my beautiful children for pretty much being normal children. I mean, how many times do I have to pick up the same books and put them back on the bookshelf???? Why, does my beautiful, sweet and loveable middle daughter not feel happy unless she is making some kind of mess?? Take for instance Tuesday . . . when I returned home from my shopping trip I was told by my oldest that "Anna made a mess." When I finally get upstairs to see what the mess was I discover she had gotten some beautiful off white craft paint and tried to "paint" her bedroom - she painted the floor, the ladder to the bunkbed and even her comforter (does anyone know how to get craft paint out of fabric??)!!! Yesterday, she took my bag of lipgloss out of my purse and painted her face and jammies with that! Today my son (2 yrs) got into the refrigerator and was eating a tomato - like an apple . . . seeds everywhere! :)

Now I know someday I'll look back and wish these days hadn't gone so fast but . . . how many times do children need to change their clothes in a day? or how many times do I have to say - no coloring on my bed? or keep the scissors away from your brother? Ok, probably a lot of it is my fault but really I can't be with them every minute of every day.

That's it. Really it isn't as bad as it sounds! I think the "end of the pregnancy" thing has a lot to do with it . . . . I'm pretty tired and not very patient these day, but it will get better and there are moments of sheer joy, like when my children make me beautiful cards and draw pictures that are priceless. It doesn't get better than that!

Ok, pictures are coming . . . gotta get stamping! More later . . . :)


  1. Oh my, sounds like you had a fun day yesterday--NOT!

    Glad I could make you laugh a bit at least!! Thanks for linking my post!! :)

  2. Hey...I wish it was the end of pregnancy but I am afraid it happens all the time here! Charlotte likes to suck washclothes...yesterday, she dipped it in toilet water to get it re-wet...gross! And everytime I turn around she has books on the floor or food or one of my crafting supplies (darn office door!). I just have to take solace in the phrase "this too shall pass". In some ways, I can't wait till they think I am totally uncool and want to hang out with their friends all the time (which at that time I will probably fondly look back at this time!)...

  3. The best thing about these "children" issues is that the rest of us parents get to have a good chuckle hearing about your adventures! LOL!

    My first never got into anything. We've never had to lock a cabinet or drawer, he's never written on a wall, painted on anything but paper and has basically been able to play without me having to watch him closely since he was crawling. The second, on the other hand, is trouble! He's got a great personlity but that boy (he's only nine months) is into everything! Yesterday, within seconds, he had unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper and then he went onto climbing into a toy box, which would have resulted into a busted head if I hadn't caught him. Then it was "let's throw this ball into the dog's water dish" time! Oh my! He goes from creating one disaster to another! I'm going to have my hands full once he's walking. And then I'll share my stories will you guys and you can all have a good laugh!

    Hang in there!! It shall pass and then you'll look back at all their antics and have yourself a good laugh!


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