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Mar 19, 2007

New Banner & Winner!

Hello again! So what do you think of my fabulous new blog banner???!!! I asked Beth at Freckled Fun Designs to make me one. She did such a fabulous job with so little information - I love it! My DH told me I was far too much of a pain for poor Beth - really it was just a few tweaks here and there, right Beth?? :) I am very happy with the end result - go check out her site, she does banners and custom watermarks that are beautiful!

Ok, so my Birthday Blog Candy contest got lots of very interesting posts! Generally I think the consensus is that whatever you are most comfortable with - VBAC, C-section, V-birth - that's the way you should go. As I said, I think the c-section recovery gets easier every time and since I really don't have a choice (unless I could be very persuasive with my OB) I'll be having the c-section on May 8 . . . unless Little One decides to come earlier! :)

The WINNER???? Well, I used one of those nifty online random number choosers and got . . . # 43 - "Kheia said...

"OK, I think my first comment did not go through. My two were v-births, but three of my grandchildren were c-section and my DIL swears by that. Good luck with that and have a happy birthday."

Kheia, could you please email me with your address so that I can send you your goodies!! Congratulations!


  1. Hey Julie,

    Love the banner and new colors - simply divine!

    PS - And your Bella card is adorable! Love the papers!

  2. Julie:
    About your children, it sounds like we are in about the same situation, I have two girls, a boy, and a boy on the way, and they are all mischevous, even the unborn! But I guess they wouldnt be so much fun if they always behaved perfectly. We need to try to see the humor in it. :)


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