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Dec 28, 2010

My Favorite Planner!

I'm just popping in with a commercial break . .  LOL!  Seriously though, every year I renew my goal to be better organized, to actually show up at appointments on the right day and time, not a day early or 2 hours late (I've heard stories, not that I have first-hand experience here . . .), to remember birthdays, publication call deadlines, release days . . . you get the picture right?

Well, last year I discovered momAgenda and I nearly shouted for joy!!  Not only do they make planners that you are not ashamed to carry or be seen with (check out all the great colors), but the very cool thing is that each weekly 2 page spread gives you a space for your appointments and up to four children, allowing you to manage multiple schedules with ease! Now my children are a little young yet to have complicated schedules so while I may not need all the spaces for them, I use them for different things - sometimes, each DT has their own space, or some weeks, it's church, homeschool and stamping - it's totally up to you!!  And I love that there are monthly calendars also so that you can get a glance of your whole month!  Also, the back is filled with lots of neat list making/organizational helpers!

Right now you can get some great deals of 2010-2011 planners - 35% Off all momAgenda Desktops at! but you can also Take 10% off all orders of $65+ at momAgenda! Code: MOM10OFF65 Offer Expires 12.31 or Take $10 off all orders of $75+ at momAgenda! Code: MOM10OFF75 Offer Expires 12.31.  FYI - I bought the Chocolate one this year! :)

Let me know if you use them - I'd love to hear how you make the most of your momAgenda!   Ok, back to stamping stuff! :) 


  1. Thanks for the tip Julie ... just went shopping!
    Hope it does the trick! ;)

  2. Hhhhhmmm, off to check them out more thoroughly. I have taken to using my iPad calendar, but find something more tangible to actually write on might help, lol! I am one of those that have missed an appt, lol!


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