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Nov 3, 2010

Thrifty Finds

The boys and I found a little family thrift shop on Monday as we were waiting for the girls who were at their American Girl class (which they LOVE - they are doing Molly this year and learning all kinds of neat stuff about WWII).  The thrift shop was tiny but I was able to find a few treasures that I thought I'd share today.

First up, these adorable little tin molds.  I love these cute little tins!! I've seen people use them to store buttons, glitter, etc.  I love that idea but open containers of buttons and glitter in a house with small children is dangerous - lol!  Maybe I'll just save them until the children can be trusted!

 Next up, I like to use small wicker or wire baskets to store my stamps and small paper pads in.  Lately, I've started to store my stamps in them according to design team - I have a basket for each company and just love seeing all the yummy stamps and goodies all together.  Well I needed one for my Mint Motif stamps and  found this cutie for $1 - score!!  Oh and see some of my new goodies?? There are new stamps in there but I made sure I covered them all up .  . . soon I promise! :)

Last, my favorite find of the day  . . . these oh so cute and oh so collective Glasbake mugs.  I've learned that they were a Lipton soup mail-in ad campaign in 1965. I just love love the style and colors!! I got all 4 mugs for $7 - pretty great!!  Only thing is, now I'm addicted to these - I want more! LOL!

I'm stamping away these days getting ready for new releases . . . stay tuned!!  Thanks so much for visiting today!


  1. score is right...I love thrifting and you and I would be perfect shopping buddies....LOVE everything...

  2. oooohhhh... these mugs!!!
    They are absolutely great :):)


  3. What great finds!!! I'm drooling over those mugs!!!!!!!

  4. Oh wow...awesome finds. But I want more deets on the American Girl Class?!? that sounds AWESOME!!!

  5. Love, love these mugs. Collecting. It's an addiction


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