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Feb 9, 2010

The Pink Party

Good morning! Since I've talked about it several times I thought I'd show you some pictures from the friend's daughter's Pink Party on Saturday.  First, here's a pic of part of our present to Sofia.  I found a link to these adorable knitting patterns by Amy Gaines on the Simply Handmade blog a while ago.  She has so many adorable knitted dolls, creatures and toys it's hard not to buy them all but then I don't have that much time - lol!

When I saw this Fairy Doll I had to give it a try.  It came out pretty cute and was really fun to make!  (I liked making this doll with all it's smaller parts - you don't get bored knitting the same thing over and over again - lol!)

Since this pink party had a candy theme I used a pink candy box that I had wisely saved (ok, hoarded as we crafters often do!) after a homeschool trip to see salt water taffy being made at a candy store down by the beach.  I simply covered up the logo on the top with a bit of dp and stamped images.

Now here are a few pics of the party.  There was pink everywhere!!  I'm telling you what, my friend Amber  could be a top-rate party planner! It was just so pretty.  Check out that beautiful pink boa wrapped in the chandelier, the pink candy bar (aaaahh my poor childrens' teeth - lol!) and the fabulous pink castle cake - it was truly a fun party for everyone!!! 


  1. You've done a fabulous job with your doll, Julie!! The party looks great...and I love the cake!!

    Congrats on your Tuesday Trigger post at Moxie Fab!! LOVE your card!!

  2. Oh wow! This looks soo cool!! Loved the dolly and the CAKE!!!!

  3. I was just directed to your blog by a friend and I have to say I absolutely LOVE this fairy! I have several of Amy's patterns (I crochet and knit), but I've not been there for a bit. I just finished knitting a giraffe for my daughter and can appreciate the comment about small projects keeping you from getting bored. LOL

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing!

  4. OMG!! You are amazing woman!!! I wanna be you when I grow up (except I'll just stick with 2 kids, i think 5 would kill me!)

  5. Oh how fabulous! Looks like such a FUN party! I LOVE that candy bar. . and the cake. . and. . and. . .and. Tell Amber she did a FABULOUS job!


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