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Mar 28, 2007

Photos and More Blog Candy coming . . .

Wow! What a morning . . . I took the whole crew down to our friend's house to get our hair cut! What an ordeal that is. Of course, I decided that I needed a highlight this time, a little pick-me-up before the baby arrives. I love the cut she did this time - I almost NEVER get the same haircut twice, too boring! Anyway, once she was done with me, and then Emma's bangs, then Anna's pretend haircut so she can ride in the chair, then it was Ethan's turn. He does not do well with haircuts but she got it done and now he looks like a boy again! :) Once that was done it was off to Walmart to get some photos printed and lunch. Then Wendys to pay up on my bribe to the children, "If you're good we'll get a frosty after lunch." Phewwww, we got home about 1:30 and I am ready for bed!!!

Ok, enough of that . . . actually, here's a couple pictures I just took and one from Ethan's birthday party on Saturday - Cowboy theme, remember?

Ok, I do have one card to post, actually a couple, I received some great Bella RAKs recently I need to post. I also have some Easter blog candy - it's not a lot but I need to post it so you can get it before Easter. So . . . check back later today and hopefully I'll have had time to post it all! Until then . . . .

1 comment:

  1. What beautiful ladies, and gentleman! I love that it's getting warm out now so we can take pictures in the sunshine!


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