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Mar 31, 2014

Our Big News!

Good morning!  If we are friends on Facebook you already know this, but I wanted to do a quick post here to let you know about the exciting things happening in our family!!  Our family has just embarked upon a life-changing journey - we are in the process of adopting a little girl from China!  We have just started the process which will take about 12-15 months.

You can read all about it and follow our journey by subscribing to our adoption blog What if. . . .

I am now collecting documentation to begin our home study - LOTS of paper!  We have also launched several fundraising projects which you can read about on our blog.  I had all my stampy-crafty friends in mind for the 1x1 Project and I'd be most thrilled and honored if you'd consider participating with us!!  Here is what it is:

This is something I've seen on other adoption fundraisers.  It's just a really neat spin on the puzzle idea.  I bought a 20"x24" canvas and divided it into 1" square - 480 of them! We're asking our friends, family, or anyone who wants to be a part of bringing our daughter home to buy a square for $20 (or as many squares as you like!).   If you are local and would like to write on it or paint, just let me know.  If you are "away" then you can either send me your squares (any paper will do - make it colorful and add your name!) or I can paint them.  Once every square is sold we will have raised over $9,000 and will have a beautiful piece of art to hang in her room as a reminder of all who contributed her adoption! 

If you like donate a square or squares simply leave a comment below and make your donation through YouCaring link on the side.  I'm super excited to see this finished project, I just know that it will be a lasting work of art as well as a testimony to God's provision and faithfulness!

Thank you for stopping by today, have a great day!

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