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Jan 31, 2011

Love You

Good morning!!  Quick post today . . . in case some may not know, I broke my ankle Friday night.  Just a fluke accident in my house slipping on a small piece of paper!  But ouch!!!  I go to the ortho tomorrow for a real cast so I've been doing lots of resting this weekend and get very little computer time.

Anyway, no complaining - it'll heal and it could have been much worse!! :)  Today I'm sharing my card I made for my Kitchen Sink Stamps Thursday Word of the Week challenge and Lynn's 10 minute challenge.  I love this new KSS Multi-Step Sweetheart Roses set - it's versatile and just beautiful!  I used Maria's recipe for nice dark roses - love them!!

Please visit the rest of the Crew today and the new KSS Forum for lts of fun challenges!! Thanks for visiting!!

AngelaConnie LisaLynnMakikoMaria

& Special Guest Crew Member this month:  Barbara Washington
Ink  Recipe:
Step 4 - Imperial Purple (Versafine)
Step 3 - Sweet Plum (Memento)
Step 2 - Rhubarb Stalk (Memento)
Step 1 - Lady Bug Red (Memento)


  1. Oh, Julie! I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle!! I hope it heals quickly and without much pain. I'll be praying for you.
    Your card is gorgeous!! I can't believe those roses are stamps. They look like dp or a sticker, they are so clear. Wow!

  2. Julie!:( So sorry! Prayin for you, too!! ♥
    *How odd it is that you slipped on *paper* of all things. ;) My family has jokingly called me "Paper Princess" ... so you must certainly be a "Paper QUEEN"!! LOL
    Hope it heals very well and without much pain, my dear blog-friend!
    I LOVE this card! The multi-step stamps are just amazing!!! I don't have any yet, but you do a good job making others want them! They're on my running "to buy" list.
    Bless you, Julie!! ♥

  3. Beautiful girlfriend!! Hope you're feeling ok today and that you'll be up and about quickly once the cast is on!! XXOO

  4. Hope you are kicking back and keeping your feet up as much as possible as you rest and heal!! Easier said than done, I know!

    I love this gorgeous card with all these remarkable roses! Beautiful work, Julie!

  5. Praying for the quick recovery Julie!
    This card is so beautiful! I love the little heart with the saying in the middle!

  6. Bummer about your ankle. Take care and heal quickly. Your card is fabulous. Your rose hearts are really beautiful. The roses look so detailed, I feel I could pick one. Great job.

  7. The roses look stunning in this color combination! Beautiful card! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Julie this is really pretty!! Feel better

  9. Sorry to hear about your ankle! I'm hoping that you will be getting some well deserved pampering! (Take advantage of it!) Wishing I was there to lend you a hand or an ankle!! Take care of yourself!

  10. glad you got some rest and are taking it easy! gorgeous card!!! all that in 10 mins?? wow!!

  11. Those roses are so pretty!!! Hope your ankle heals quickly and your family takes good care of you while you're "off your feet"!!! Hugs!!!

  12. You poor thing, get better an heal up soon!!

  13. OOOuch!Your poor ankle. Hope you aren't in too much pain

  14. Julie! I sooo love the colors you used on this image! You gave these flowers the perfect dimension! Soooo sorry about your ankle! Big Hugs!!

  15. I am so sorry to hear about your ankle! Hope it heals quickly for you! Love the richness of these flowers. :)

  16. What is not to love about these flowers? I'm going to have to "borrow" your recipe! The layout is PERFECT and the images are stunning. Yet another GORGEOUS card!

    (Who knew a piece of paper could cause such a big pain? EGAD! I guess I'll have to be more careful in my stamp area. *wink)

    Hope you're better soon!


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