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Sep 3, 2010

Puppies Everywhere!

I've had several requests to post more pictures of our puppies and their mama so here you go!  We're excited to say that all are doing very well and they are a week old today!  We're looking forward to their eyes and ears opening soon and having them a bit more active.  Ruby has been a great mama, she's very attentive and so patient!

I'll try and post more as they grow and get bigger.  Thanks so much for visiting - I promise I'll try and get a bit of crafting done this weekend so it won't be so lonely around here! :)


  1. oh my heavens.....13 puppies!!! they are adorable. Bet you have your hands full! Great pics!!!

  2. How adorable! So glad you shared momma with us too! Enjoy!

  3. They are gorgeous, she must be a real good mum feeding all that lot! Thanks for sharing, my daughters have loved looking at these photos.

  4. Oh Goodness Julie....they are just precious!!!! I am petting my computer screen here!!! LOL....How absolutely beautiful!!!!

  5. Delightful photos - how gorgeous they all are x


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