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Sep 21, 2009

New Kitchen Sink Stamps Project of the Month

Good morning my friends! I'm excited to share my KSS Project of the Month with you today - on Kitchen Sink Stamps Monday! This was also my class project at Stamping Around Vermont and I had so much fun putting it all together.

First, if you remember I had a POM in July - these fun berry blocks. The next week I designed a clear Box for My Blocks and to use for gift giving. I thought the box could be used for so many different things so I tweaked it a bit and came up with this project. Inside the box this time is a class votive holder with a white votive and 2 pumpkin tarts that I found in Ugly Duckling Designs' Etsy Shop. Let me just say too that the owner was awesome to work with! She made and mailed me 80 tarts within about 2-3 days of contacting her! And they smell so yummy!!

Ok, so here's how I made my box. Please click on the collage picture to enlarge the images.

(Note: this box will not hold the 2" blocks that I used for my July project - you would have to change the score lines slightly in order to accomodate the blocks)

  • Supplies: Clear Cardstock: 7" x 11", Patterned Paper: 12" x 2" (cut 1), 6" x 2" (cut 2), White Cardstock: 1 1/2" x 11" (cut 2 pieces), Ribbon: 12" (cut 2 pieces)
    Brads (2)
  • I used Clear Cardstock from Papertrey Ink and cut it to 7" x 11". (For the first few steps I used white cardstock since it was easier to photograph).
  • You then score the cardstock 2 1/2" from each edge on all 4 sides. I found that it was easiest to fold all the score marks before you do any cutting. See Image 1
  • Using the template as a guide, cut on all the solid lines. (the dashed lines are scored but you should have already done this. See Image 2
  • Fold your box, adding red-line tape or Scor-tape on the diagnonal line of the flap which goes inside the box. See Images 3 & 4
  • I used a piece of patterned paper cut 2" x 12" and simple centered it over my box, folding at each corner (this is much easier than trying to get precise measurements and scoring the pp). See Images 5 & 6
  • Cut another piece of patterned paper 2" x 6" and adhere. See Image 7
  • I punched a hole with my Crop-A-Dile on each end of the box, put a piece of ribbon through each hole and added a brad to hold the ribbon together. See Image 8
  • I cut 2 pieces of white cardstock 1 1/2" x 11" for the stamped bands around the box and after stamping them, adhered them the same way as the patterned paper.
Ok, now for the stamping. First of all, I used a brand new KSS set - it has not even been released yet!! Isn't that fun that our Stamping Around VT attendees got to play with unreleased stamps?! :) This set will be released (along with 4 other sets) on Friday, September 25. Stop back later in the week for more details about the release! Here are the colors we used along with the order they were stamped: (NOTE: the images were stamped "out of order" e.g., stamp using Step 3 first, then Step 2, etc. By doing this, it seems to be a bit easier to line up each step. ) Oh, and you can see that I did a bit of masking my pumpkins . . .

Pumpkins: All inks are Memento

Step 3 - Tangelo
Step 2 - Tangelo (stamped off 1x)
Step 1 - Cantelope
Step 4 - Potters Clay (stamped off 1x - do this twice)
Step 5 - Potters Clay

Step 2 - Bamboo Leaves
Step 1 - Desert Sand (stamp 2x)

Step 3 - Olympia Green (stamped off 1x)
Step 2 - Bamboo Leaves
Step 1 - Bamboo Leaves (stamped off 1x)
Step 4 - Olympia Green

Rich Cocoa

Phew . . . are you still with me?? There are quite a few steps here, but it actually goes together pretty quickly. Wouldn't this box be cute with cupcakes or whoopie pies or cookies in there? Or for Christmas ornaments? How about some cute little stamping supplies, brads, ribbons, fun embellies and little stamps - love it!! I'd love to see what you make with it so send me a pic or link!! Thanks for sticking with the long post - have a wonderful Monday!! Oh, and don't forget to visit the rest of the KSS Crew today!! :)

Maria, Dee, Lynn, Lori, Angela, Makiko, Connie, Lisa


  1. So beautiful! I am so happy to say that I have this set in hand and can't wait to use it! I am also very excited to say that since spending the weekend in Georgia, I can read and follow your recipe! We had such a good time!

  2. This is just so pretty, Julie!! I just saw this last night on an earlier post on your blog...what a fun project, and the new stamps look so good!!

  3. Beautiful project Julie - I'm sure your attendees loved it!

  4. I love the box. The colors are so inviting and although I am not usually a fan of pumpkin (pie, tarts, cookies, ect) this really makes me want to jump in and try some!

  5. Wowza!! What a fabulous project, Julie!! Those pumpkins are absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Thank you so much for these directions, Julie!! A gorgeous project I know I will be attempting to dulpicate!! I can't wait to start working with this awesome set!!

    What a fabulous weekend we at in Georgia! The only way it could have been better is if the entire Crew could have been there!!

  7. I loved this the moment I saw it! I'm so glad you turned it into the POM. Pumpkins are my FAVORITE! And I have to say....that DP is too cute. Wow!

  8. Fabulous project, Julie! Thanks for sharing the detailed directions--I'll have to give this a try.

  9. Very cute and awesome tutorial. Gonna have to try this out

  10. Oh Julie, I love this!! Your tutorial is wonderful. I can't wait to try this. I can't believe you are do so soon and still traveling and stamping!! You go girl!!

  11. What a fabulous way to gift some votives and tealights! Absolutely awesome project, and those pumpkins are unbelievable!!


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