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Dec 14, 2008


Another quick post friends . . . we have been without power now since Friday at 7:30 am. As I'm sure most have seen on the news Maine was hit with an ice storm Thursday night and Friday and there are thousands of people without power. My parents have theirs back as of yesterday, my in-laws do not and we were just able to borrow a generator which allows us to run the heat for a couple of hours so that our pipes don't freeze (I was also given 10 minutes to check my email and get "connected" to the world - lol!!)

So friends, I will not be back until the power returns, which some are predicting may not be until mid-week. Please pray, if you have a chance, for all the people without power and the Central Maine Power workers who are working hard to restore power.

We are surviving just fine - our woodstove does a great job keeping the family room and our upstairs heated to around 58-60 and we have also been cooking on it. Water is what we are missing the most but again, we are surviving and thankful we have more than some people!

Hope to be back soon - thanks for visiting and for your kind thoughts and prayers! :)


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  2. Julia,

    Julie, your family and all those who are suffering through this horrible storm are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your power is restored quickly. My father worked for a power company his entire career dealing with hurricanes and ice storms so I know these dedicated men and women are sacrificing much to get everyone's power back on so that all may return to celebrating Christmas!

  3. Oh NO!!! ((((HUGS))) and prayers for you and your family!!!!

  4. Dear Julie ... sending BIG prayers to you and your family ... and the rest of Maine! HUGS!!!!

  5. Hey there Jules...hang in there! Here's hoping Central Maine Power works it's magic quickly!

  6. I heard about Maine's ice storm and feel awful for those who don't have any power. My prayers with you and your family that they get it restored QUICK!

  7. You poor thing!!!! Here's keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you get power soon!

  8. Julie-Here's hoping that the power is restored soon. I live in NH and my power was out 3 1/2 days so I know what you're going through. Good Luck!

  9. I HATE being cold!! My heart goes out to you, I'm so glad to hear you have ways to stay wam and are out of danger, prayers you get the powerback soon!!


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