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Dec 19, 2008

Our Tree and a Fun Find!

Just a quick pop in on this soon-to-be snowy Friday. We had a quick little storm on Wednesday so my husband was home and we put up the Christmas tree. I know it seems late to most people but we do get a real tree and it's about 3-4 feet from our woodstove . . . so it really wouldn't be a good idea to have it up too early!

Anyway, if you like "designer" trees ours is not for you. I have a large collection of ornaments, some from my grandparents, my parents, some were mine when I was young and lots of new homemade ones from our children - I just love the mish mash of pretty, story-telling ornaments. As you can see the children helped decorate . . . lots of clumps . . . but they had fun and it is pretty!

Now a fun find for you - and it may not be new to some of you but I just love cute little things! Remember I told you about Cath Edvalson's blog Moxie Fab World? Well a few weeks ago her post Five for Friday: Christmas Ornament Parade turned me on to these adorable pendants made and sold by Home Studio on Etsy.

I immediately clicked through and added several cute little pendants and a silver ball chain to my cart. They are made from Scrabble tiles - is that not a great idea!! There are so many cute designs and they are so affordably priced you could have one for every outfit!! Seriously, head over to Home Studio's Etsy store and check out the selection of adorable pendants!! They ship from California, and so far I've gotten them super fast! I just love this cute little owl and there are actually a lot of different owl images, bird images, flowers, etc.

Enjoy!! :)


  1. What a pretty festive tree Julie!! I bought some of those adorable scrabble tile pendants...mine have chandeliers :)

  2. So cute, Julie..our tree is very similar. Lots of different styles and types of ornaments and TONS of handmade ones from the kids..they're the best! Such cute charms too...thanks for enabling LOL!!

  3. ENABLER!!!!! I had to run over to that store and look and of course I had to buy one!! :)
    Thanks for sharing, there were some gorgeous pieces there!!
    Stocking stuffer for me! :)

  4. What a beautiful tree... I have alot of ornaments from grams and mom etc... alot of homemade ones made out of beads.. Love them...
    You did a wonderful job.

  5. Our tree is very similar, except it's fake and only 4 feet tall :) But it's a mish mash of ornaments we buy the kids each year, and ones they give us, etc. Nothing fancy, but it's a tradition to relive the memories of when they got each one. I LOVE THOSE pendants! i had to check them out when I saw yours here and they have some super cute ones! I'd love to actually learn how to make them! :) Have a great Christmas!xx

  6. YOU ARE AN Enabler with a capital E!!! I just bought 4 of them!!!! CUTE stuff there!

  7. Thanks for sharing the website. Very cute stuff!

  8. Your tree is gorgeous!! Ours is full of sentimental ornaments too-no designer here either! LOL I love that jewelry too! Awesome!!

  9. I love your beautiful tree, Julie, with its multi-colored lights!! Sounds like more rough weather is coming your way!! Stay safe and warm!!!

  10. Your tree is beautiful Julie. Thanks for the link to the etsy shop - those pendants are fabulous!

  11. Julie, your tree is beautiful! Thanks for the link to the work! I'll have to have a better look tomorrow.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  12. Your tree is beautiful, Julie!! I love the pendants too! I will have to check it out!! ;)


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