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Jun 22, 2008

Tagged . . .

My fellow Prettie Girl, Jessie tagged us so here goes:

What was I doing 10 years ago? Well, if I have my years straight, I had just moved to Maine from NY. I decided it was time for a change and since I LOVED Maine from all my growing up years vacationing here Maine it was! I decided while on vacation in July, came up a few weekends for interviews, took a job, got an apartment (4 houses from the beach!) and moved the first week in September. By December my parents had bought a house (that they would eventually retire to) just a few blocks away and I moved into that house.

5 things on my To Do list:
1. Get the children to pick up their room and mine! :)
2. Put the laundry away
3. Call the oil company about next year's heating oil (ouch!!!)
4. Get working on some swaps due soon!
5. Catch up on my Google Readers posts

Snacks I enjoy: Well I'm off snacks lately, but if I could have anything right now it would be a close race between Cinnamon Wheat Thins (have you tried them?? YUM!) and Peanutbutter M&Ms.

Things I would if I were a millionaire: Come on, we all know that's not happening right? :) But as you can imagine I would pay off all my bills and make sure my family was set. After that ... who knows! But it would be fun wouldn't it?!

Places I have lived: Albany, NY; Greenville, SC, Atlanta GA; Clifton Park, NY; Ocean Park, ME; finally, East Waterboro, ME - not very exciting!

I'm suppose to tag 5 other people . . . but I cannot do it - go read what the other Prettie Girls said, it's sure to be interesting! :)


  1. I'm trying to find you on facebook!! :)

  2. Loved reading your list, Julie! :D


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