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Jun 9, 2008

Meet Tim and Ti!

We added 2 baby goats to our little farm here this weekend! The girls named them Timothy and Titus (Tim and Ti for short) - cute, huh?! :) We need to get them fixed still and . . . get this, we need to still bottle feed them! I know - but really, it's not bad, they drink them right down and the girls love doing it!

Isn't this a cute one - Ti was giving Emma's hair a nibble! :)

Once they get a bit bigger their job at our house will be to reclaim some of our yard that is being slowly "reforested" - lol! They are hanging out with the chickens right now in what used to be the garden. The chickens are loving being out - we're enjoying lots of fresh eggs!

I'm still working on Aaron's outfit - thanks so much for your patience!! I will be back hopefully tomorrow with a fun card!


  1. They are too cute! My girls would love to have these little guys too. I am sure your kids are lovin' them!! :0)

  2. OH they are so cute. Those ears are crazy! We had goats when we were growing up. They are awesome. Too cute the one eating on Emma's hair. -Molly B

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos, your daughter is adorable

  4. they are totally adorable Julie! My husband is trying to talk me into getting some, but so far I have held him off...we have 10 acres and he wants to let them roam....they really are cute though!


  5. Too funny! I'm sure the kids are really enjoying them.

  6. Oh my goodness, Julie, they are precious and the kids are sure to love them!

  7. Absolutely beautiful pictures. You are so brave. Do you have a name for your "farm". Our big house in Corinna was named "On-the-Way Farm" sitting on busy Route 7, I figured everyone passing by was On the Way to someplace North or South. But I will admit that the only farm animal we had was one of those sheep made with a plywood shape and then covered and stuffed with fake sherpa. And of course, I should we did have two Sheltland Sheepdogs who guarded our ornamental sheep!!! Hugs.


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