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Jan 9, 2008

Search for Snowflake Day 3

Good morning everyone! Have you been playing along with the Prettie Girls in our Search for Snowflake? The first clue was given by Joanne, and yesterday it was Jillian 's turn. Today is our third day and we still haven’t been able to locate Snowflake. The first 2 clues were: Pretties, Has.

Well guess what! today when I went out to pick up the mail, I found a postcard with the following letters “W N O” If you know what this might mean, please send an email to for your chance at today’s daily prize. ETA: Just to clarify - all the clues we are giving you are JUMBLES not anagrams - just unscrabble the letters to make a word and send your guess to the email address above. Remember, you’ll need all the daily clues for your chance at the grand prize!

Today's prize is a trio of Bellas - Pompombella, Veggiebella and Snowbunnybella!

Yesterday's winner was Carolina Deyes - Congratulations!! Good luck everyone and happy guessing!

1 comment:

  1. Google give a couple of choices: Washington National Opera, Welsh National Opera, and What's Next Online? Ah well, these are probably no it- but have fun with your contest!!


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